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Computer Training Lessons in Surrey BC

Computer Training Lessons:- Here at Pc Plus Computing, we love computers. We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy using them. There no Real age for learning computers. We love to teach and train our customers on how to use computers. As wonderful as computers are though, they aren’t always easy to use. Learning a new technology can be difficult and sometimes intimidating. With our software training, we will give you the confidence to use your computer in any way you need to. You can use your computer at home or Business.


We really made these computer training Classes on Based on the Skill and Type of Computer you want to use. We offer both one-on-one lessons with a skilled technician who can help you learn at your own pace, and group lessons for a shared experience.

Mac Book Basic Training
Window Basic Training
Linux Basic Training

Mac Book Advance Training
Window Advance Training
Linux  Advance Training

We bring our skills and training to focus on you. When setting up a lesson or set of Computer Training Lessons, we’ll ask you about what you know and what you want to be able to do. Whether it’s your first time ever turning on a computer or you’re just looking for a challenge, we can set up a lesson plan that works for you.

Our computer lessons focus on user control, giving you lots of time to practice and get a feel for using the computer. The body retains muscle memory incredibly well, and we use this natural fact of human psychology and physiology to our advantage. We’ll have you using your computer like a pro in no time.

Some popular computer Traininglessons by PC Plus Computing:

  • INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTERS: This is Our Basic Course For those with little or no computer experience, we’ll teach you the basics.
  • INTRODUCTION TO THE INTERNET: The internet can be wonderful, it’s important to know how to use it. We’ll help you get a firm understanding of popular ways to stay in touch with friends and family like e-mail and social media.
  • MICROSOFT WORD & EXCEL: Word and Excel are two of the most productivity-enhancing pieces of software. They are also very commonplace. You will learn how to create documents in Word, spreadsheets in Excel, and – if you’d like – more advanced features of the Microsoft Office suite (including Excel functions and Word formatting tips).
  • EMAIL TRAINING: This course we teach how to send and receive emails
  • WEBSITE DESIGN  TRAINING  : Now you can learn how to design your website
  • SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING : Learn how to use Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools.

Basic Computer Skills Lessons

Creating User Accounts in Windows
In order to use a Windows computer, you must log on with your user account. Here we see how to create a new account. Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson We might want to have multiple accounts.

Desktop and My Documents

The Windows desktop provides a convenient location for storing files and folders. The desktop can contain shortcuts to applications and documents that you access frequently. This lesson is based on Windows XP, but if you understand this you will understand.


Favorites or bookmarks is a list of internet sites that have been visited and kept for future reference. As this list grows it can become untidy and difficult to navigate. The following section will describe how to delete items

Files and Folders

Files are organized on your computer in folders. If it helps, think of your computer as a filing cabinet. There may be drawers that group information or paperwork, e.g. one drawer for household items, another for personal items

How to install software in Windows

Windows operating system is very powerful, but it does not have the ability to do everything we might want to do with our computers. We can add new programs to our computer in order to increase our capabilities. In this Take lesson

Introduction To Hardware

The interior of a computer looks very complicated at first glance. When the case is removed there is a mass of bits, cables and components that can intimidate the uninitiated. This lesson will seek to dispense some of the mist Take lesson

Introduction to Multiple Hard Drives
In this lesson we will look at the principle of using multiple hard drives for backup or redundancy purposes. In later lessons we look at specific ways of achieving this. As we know, the hard drive is where permanent information

Introduction To Windows

Operating Systems The most important piece of software on any computer is the operating system. The operating system gives the framework upon which all other services and applications run. The majority of home users use a Windows based machine

Managing Desktop Icons in Windows 10

The icons on the desktop can also have their appearance and size changed we have already used the display properties to alter the size of these. Now we will look at placing new ones on the desktop and creating shortcut.

The Windows Start Menu

The Start Menu has been a standard feature in Microsoft Windows ever since Windows 95. It has changed and evolved over the years but the essential idea has remained the same: it is the central place where you can find.

Uninstall Software

In common with installation, uninstalling software should always be done in the correct manner to minimise the risk of corrupting the operating system. The following lesson describes two methods of correctly uninstalling software. 1. using the software’s own uninstaller

What is a Network?

In this lesson we will learn the basics of what is a computer network. In the early days of personal computing computers were usually disconnected from one another. They would be used for document writing and calculations, and special equipment
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