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Pc Plus Computing is able to do any kind of MacBook repair. We can fix any make and model from old MacBooks to the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. We can replace your broken display, upgrade your hard drive, repair your logic board, upgrade storage and upgrade of your older mac. Our office is located in Surrey, BC .

We understand that any Apple product is expensive, and so are the various repairing services. Mac is made of one of the most expensive parts and therefore when you go for the replacement of the same, you will have to pay a good price. Well, that is not the case with us. People often ask how we provide Mac Repair Surrey at such an affordable rate. The charges we take are based on the services we provide and we clearly show the breakup of the expenses done for repairing your Macbook. Therefore, expenses are always low. Unlike, other repair service provider we do not keep any hidden charges and provide you with a huge bill at the end of the service. Therefore, you can completely rely on us.

Reason to choose us for MacBook repair Surrey

We have been dealing with the Mac Repair Surrey for almost 20 years we can complete any type of mac repair at very competitive rates. In fact, when it is about choosing the best quality service, we will give you many reasons to choose us.

  • We keep ourselves updated. Therefore, when you are bringing the latest Mac for repair service.
  • Our rates are way better than the competition.
  •  We are not just another computer Tech we are  Mac repair Specialists to work on your Macbook.
  • Free Diagnostics for all types of your computers and Macbook.

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